Over Kono University… C4C MP Exposes President Bio’s Failures

By Ragan M. Conteh
In spite of the strides being made on education and other sectors, the Member of Parliament from Kono District, Hon. Saa Charles, has rated the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) government 3 out of 10 in education.
According to Hon. Charles, since the former APC regime laid the foundation for the construction of a new University in Kono District, there has been no iota of semblance for the new SLPP regime to continue with the already planned University.
The Hon. MP was responding to the speech of President Bio during the State Opening of Parliament, adding that the President only paid a visit to the proposed construction site, and since then, indigenes of Kono have not heard anything about the said Kono University.
Even the feasibility studies done by the government, according to Hon Saa Charles, nothing have been made public with regards that. “Mind you this is an inherited project and this government is supposed to fast-track the process for the speedy construction of the university,” Hon Charles said.
In the area of national cohesion, Hon. Saa Charles pointed out that the President, in his first address to the nation made commitment to the provision of an office for all political parties in order for them to engage on quarterly meetings.
The C4C MP said, since President Bio came into governance, he has only held meetings with the APC leaving out other major political parties, adding that “Sierra Leone cannot move forward with the SLPP alone,” he asserted.
Hon. Saa Charles revealed that he was on radio opposing the Bintumani III, which he said there was nothing good coming out of the so-called Bintumani III.
“Violence is all over the place,” the MP said.
He continued that the C4C has always been a neutralizer and always reminds the government that this country will move forward if the President provides the platform for political party participation.
In the area of the fight against corruption in the country, the lawmaker said C4C had always supported the move and graded the SLPP government, in the fight against craft, 3 out of 5.
The lawmaker went on that the Commission should not have sacred cows in the fight against corruption. He restored confidence that the C4C supports the fight and the President, during his nation address recently, acknowledged MPs’ collaborative effort and support in the fight.
He urged the ACC to widen the net in the fight against corruption, citing the pending school feeding saga, NaCSA saga and the 2018 Auditor General’s Report, which is still in the shelf of the ACC and should not have been overlooked by the Commission.
He pointed out that the ACC, as a primary institution, bestowed with the responsibility of investigating issues of corruption, should not stand in a segregation path.

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