Parliament Monitors Feeder Roads’ Projects

In a bid to improve on the feeder roads’ sector in the country, the Minister of Works and Public Assets, Peter Bayuku Konteh, has led a delegation comprising of some members of Works Oversight Parliamentary Committee, Engineers from his ministry, Sierra Leone Roads Authority (S.L.R.A), Road Maintenance Fund Administration, and the press to monitor and get first-hand information of the feeder road works funded by the Road Maintenance Fund Administration (R.M.F.A) and NaCSA to the various Councils nationwide.
The minister emphasized the need for timeliness, quality, and value for money, adding that all parties dealing with feeder roads are to ensure that no feeder road works are undertaken during the raining season, especially the earthworks. He went on to say that transportation of timber, by all categories of vehicles, is also not allowed during the raining season between the months of June and September.
He called upon all feeder roads contractors to use machinery for feeder road works, pointing out that Government is working out modalities to see how best they can apply a chemical called polyma on feeder roads that can make them last for a period of seven to ten years.
This monitoring exercise was so meaningful that it has identified lapses and put the implementing partners and contractors on their toes and seeing feeder road works are equally given the importance they deserve.
The minister and delegation started this exercise with sensitization meetings held in each district, ranging from Port Loko, Kambia, Karene, Makeni, Kabala, Falaba, Kono, Kailahun, Kenema, Bo, Pujehun, Bonthe, and Moyamba.
Visitation tour of these projects implemented formed high point of the monitoring exercise.
Credit: Francis Macauley (Works P.R.O.)

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