Police Declare Kpanda-Kemoh Chiefdom Speaker & Others Wanted

By Ragan M. Conteh
Detective Superintendent, Mohamed Komba Allieu of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Sierra Leone, has over the weekend told newsmen that the Police have declared the Speaker of Kpanda-Kemoh Chiefdom, Bonthe District and other members of his Poro council wanted.
The Speaker and his Poro Council members are wanted by the Police for various allegations surrounding the rape of the sister of Paramount Chief Melrose Foster of Kpanda-Kemoh Chiefdom and also the commission of other various offences.
The Police detective Superintendent has reported that the Police Case File on the matter has reached the desk of the Criminal Investigations Department in Freetown and four individuals have been arrested.
The Speaker of the Chiefdom and many other members of his Poro Council are wanted by the Police for interrogation on the allegations.
Police continued that on the 11th January,2020 the individuals who are helping the Police with the investigations including those on the run had stormed the residences of PC Melrose Foster at Motuo Village, Kpanda-Kemoh Chiefdom carting away valuable properties and also allegedly raping her sister.
The Sierra Leone Police has offered a bounty of three million Leones (Le 3,000,000).
The rape victim according to the Police is currently battling to save her life at the Aberdeen Women’s Clinic in Freetown.
The Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone has led a fact finding mission to the area and have noted that members of the Poro society have indiscriminately held secret Poro societies unnecessarily restricting the movement of citizens.
The HRCSL has also reported that the Poro Society has flouted the ban of the Local Government Ministry.
The Commission has urged the Ministry of Local Government and the Council of Paramount Chiefs to increasingly control the activities of the Poro Society.

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