Politics Of Revenge

The media is inundated with stories of the legacies showing the great achievements and state of the art live photos left behind by the late President of Tanzania, Magufuli. Just after few years of his reign, Tanzania has achieved the status of middle level per capita income earner. “Good things never last long.”

Frankly, Southern Africa has produced strong leaders on the African soil, such as the great Nelson Madiba Mandela, Kenneth Kaunda, Julius  Nyerere , Milton  Obote and Jomo Kenyatta.

In the 50s, 60s and 70s, Sierra Leone, by all standards, stood among the strongest African countries and its name was mentioned in every corner of the world as Africa’s most developing nation because of the advent of the British. It was the first in West Africa to drive a motor car, a train and an aeroplane. The first university college, a good justice system as well as the clergy were set up in this country.

But nevertheless, these things did not last as soon as Sierra Leone got its independence.  The leaders started off with infighting and would not build on those structures merely because of politics.

The history of political instability and tribal tensions originated from there and it is that that has brought us to the present status.  Today, we are described as one of the least developed nations and full of desperation, hunger and deprived of the world.

The politics of revenge, between the two prominent and domineering political parties of this country, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the All People’s Congress (APC) Party, have squeezed the throat of development in every facet of our lives.

Many ungodly things have taken place in the reign of these two giants and are still continuing unabated making the angels of God confused. This is because even with several peace conferences and mediations there is still no end in sight. Between these two, hate and violence have sent very prominent souls to the grave.

If it is not the APC killing its opponents, it is the SLPP sponsoring coup d’etats. If it is not the SLPP drawing strings to outwit the APC by undermining legality, it is the APC manipulating elections results. Shortly afterwards there was the ten year civil war that broke down everything and it has now become difficult to rebuild.

But what has prompted this medium to add its voice to this witch craft behaviour? The answer to this question is the fact that these two bitter rivals want God the Almighty to stretch the land surface of Sierra Leone beyond the Republic of Guinea way down to Mali. This country has a perimeter land surface of 28,000 square miles and had been divided into 12 districts since the 1970s and already placed on the MAP OF AFRICA. It is in the GEOGRAPHY BOOKS that we learn in the primary and secondary schools. LAND IS A FIXED ASSET

The APC, in 2016, has subdivided these districts by adding two more in the north, totaling 14 districts; so that there shall be South-east 7 Districts and North and North-west 7 Districts.

This was done under the government policy of boundary delimitation and a subsequent multiplication of electable constituencies. While Freetown alone had 28 seats in Parliament, now comes the SLPP’s 2021 response and under the pretext of the mid-term census, which will start in April 2021. This is another true census to ascertain the actual population of this country.

So what will be anyone’s favourable guess?

For us, here, we expect that the Bio-led government should bring back the country to the former status quo and reduce the number of constituencies from the 129  (most criticised Parliamentary setting),  to 60 solid members who could be tasked to move this country forward.

This country is very small to have such a huge number of representatives sitting and spending lavishly the taxpayers’ money. In fact, they are now being accused of corruption.

A House of Parliament should be sacred, dignified and honourable.  Honourable Members of Parliament require absolute powers and should be seen as crucial representatives of the people and an embodiment of lawmakers.

Most Members of Parliament are accused of not visiting their constituencies when elected, but only go there to campaign for the next elections. Such action, if found to be true, is not a good form of representing a people.

On the other hand, this country is just too small to have close to 60 government ministers and deputies.

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