President Bio: Beware Of The Devil

Politics of Sierra Leone is becoming deep and tense to an extent that President Julius Maada Bio must beware of the demons and devils who may want to switch over to the Ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

Wolves dressed in sheep clothing are coming in through the use of deception by dressing President Bio in borrowed robes.

Hypocrites in the regalia of saints and prophets are coming into the party with promises of unwavered loyalty to gain a foothold.

They brew conflicts in their own parties by resorting to unnecessary controversies and quarrels to throw dust in the eyes of President Bio so that they would be let in.

But, they would not hesitate to destabilise the party when occasion calls for that because they surely hope to go back to their roots.

Most politicians who want to cross-carpet hide behind the fundamental provision in the constitution of Sierra Leone which guarantees the right to freedom of association.

The ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party is sure to face an election that will be hotly contested than ever.

The opposition wants to see that power is taken back from the ruling Sierra Leone People’s party in 2023 at all cost, and signs are clear they are determined.

If they succeed in their effort, President Bio will go down into the annals of contemporary history as the first democratic President to lose power in the ballot box.

Political trends have shown that some politicians who have become party stalwarts are no longer comfortable in their parties.

They stand on the threshold of expulsion owing to what their party executives say anti-party activities.

The expulsion is coming at a time the 2023 presiddential and parliamentary elections are at the corner.

Since Politics is a game that is hardly understandable 100 per cent understandable, the only move for those politicians is to seek solace in other parties since they are no longer hold a stake in their own parties.

Glittering generalities by making the unreal to appear real is one of the tools employed by politicians to win political favour.

SLPP and the main opposition, All People’s Congress are the two oldest political parties in Sierra Leone.

Historically, the latter is an off-shoot of the former as the founder and leader of the APC, late President Siaka Stevens was once an SLPP member.

Considering the close ties the two party share from time immemorial, they have become havens for those expelled from either side.

The ties the party share have been shown for many years. The ties showcased at any time one is in governance and the other is in opposition.

Some ministers, for instance, who served SLPP between 1996 and 2007 wasted no time in coming back to serve APC government when the party gained power in 2007.

Now the APC has ridden into the sunset, and those who were enjoying the largesse of power are no longer at ease.

They are poised to come back to party in power to tap the luxuries it can offer them if any.

President Julius Maada Bio came to power at a time nobody expected as most Sierra Leoneans including top politicians would not like to see the former President Koroma transferring power to SLPP.

President Bio showed restraint and steadfastness to clinch power in such a turbulent period.

Since power brought fame, prestige and resources of unimaginable level, everybody may want to gravitate towards president Bio to continue to swim in the comfort of power.

Most SLPP stalwarts and grassroot supporters are not happy with any move SLPP will embark on to accept recycled politicians.

Even new ones who had never got any political affiliation should be examined before they are allowed to come into the SLPP fold.

Those who have SLPP at heart would not like to see the back of the party from the political corridor after ruling for just five years.

They call President Bio loudly not to accept any praise-singers to come to the party at this time the party would be strategising to consolidate political power.

The opinion of supporters must not be taken with a pinch of salt considering the manner in which any person can do anything to achieve an objective.

Abundant evidence exists to show that people have come into politics for the wrong reasons and intentions.

Most of the politicians gain entry into the ranks of political parties with with promises of loyally serving the party.

Most of them have betrayed the party ideology by engaging in acts considered to be most dangerous by giving out information to the other side to make their way through.

Their actions went unnoticed because they put on the best form of humility so that they can know whatever goes on in the party.

Those loyalists will surely become part of the ranks of those who will strike the party at the very foundation to ensure its collapse.

The greatest literary giant, William Shakespeare says in of his famous plays, ‘Macbeth,’ that there is no art to find the mind construction on the face.

He also says it looks like the innocent flower but there is a serpent beneath.

Since scientists are yet to manufacture any instrument of precision to look into the mind of a human being, it is proper for President Julius Maada Bio to examine the surrounding circumstances that compel politicians to switch sides.

The same literary writer also said in his play: ‘Julius,’ Caesar that a man who is too confident can be defeated by those who plot against him.

The adage: Prudence is the part of valour should be President Bio’s constant watch phrase till SLPP goes to election.

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