Salone Grace Mugabe on the Spotlight Again

Sierra Leone’s First Lady, Fatima Bio, has hit the news waves again when she was quoted in a social media video that had went viral openly stating that PHD holders in the government are fools and that they shit on themselves whenever they speak.
Such utterances by the First Lady were viewed by many Sierra Leoneans as disrespectful and very uncharacteristic of an African woman known for humility and respect for elders, especially those serving her husband.
She is always in trouble whenever she attempts to spit venom around the composition of politicians around her husband to the point that she has always attracted attention by the way and manner she speaks.
The unfortunate remarks by the country’s First Lady has again hit the news wave for the wrong reasons just as she has done on many other occasions such as when she took up to swearing the people who she thinks does not mean well for the Presidency and the people of Sierra Leone.
The First Lady who is currently likened to Mrs. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, is embroiled in one controversy to another and it is coming out very clearly that she lacks competent people around her to advise her on her utterances around some sensitive state matters.
Her views over the practice of FGM in the country during an interview by a Gambian Television station while on state visit to the Gambia, has also stunned donors, campaigners and many other Sierra Leoneans opposed to the practice.
The government has shown significant commitment to curbing the practice and many had viewed her utterances as a huge embarrassment for government.
Her utterances hugely supporting FGM was viewed by many as largely contrary to her Hands off Our Girls Campaign as the practice was in itself is a human rights and SGBV issue.
She is on record for contributing immensely to the prevention of early child marriage and sexual Gender Based Violence and rape through her Hands off Our Girls Campaign.
Her advocacy to prevent these issues has gained regional and United Nations attention and it is her belief that endemic poverty and other surrounding factors are responsible for this state of affairs.
Government has clearly supported her moves and funds are being set aside to build a cancer diagnostics hospital through her efforts and the recent creation of a whole Ministry to cater for Women and Children is a boost to providing social protection for women and girls.
All of these efforts are sometimes compromised by the utterances of our First Lady in public places.
She has proven to be largely ill-disposed when it comes to making public statements around the politics of the country.

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