Secure Only in Insecurity

The news that the residence of Commissioner Georgewill Biobele was burgled into and valuable articles stolen, have been received with shock and dismay by patriots and with disappointment by non-patriots.
It carries a wider importance than a mere burglary.
Sleeping in their wings has not been confined to our lackadaisical Police but in higher quarters though we have not learnt from earlier events.
It is a fact that the success of our 11-year rebel war was largely due to the careless reaction of former President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah who had to quit his United Nations revel of salt.
That reaction could have taught us to be ultra-vigilant but we are still unchanging in our attitudes like fools.
If we only provide adequate security for the President, Vice President and Cabinet Ministers we are wide off the work.
The lives of foreign dignitaries in this country are also equally important.
We should exercise the same care they take over our representatives in their own countries.
The provision of a handful of OSD personnel at the residence of foreign dignitaries in contrast to 30 security personnel at the residences of President and former Presidents is unconscious able while military personnel are fast asleep.
The purpose of the burglary could easily be guessed from the articles burgled.
Records of materials should not be kept, giving use to the speculation that the exercise was an organized burglary in collusion with the security personnel on duty.
Incidentally most of the security personnel recruited in the last ten years were APC oriented and therefore it would not be surprising that there are well coordinated efforts to thwart the findings of the ongoing Commissions.
If their 99 tactics are not yet exhausted they are now using all inconceivable means to return to power not excluding supernatural means that failed them in 2018.
Their conspiracy could have been worse if Justice Biobele was assassinated but that was their objective.
Military Aid to Civil Power (MACPI) was not created only for elections and quelling demonstrations and riots but for protection of Very Important Persons (VIP’s) not excluding dignitaries.
Therefore we feel that the deployment of skeleton security staff at the residences of the COI Commissioners was deliberate and not an oversight.
Would the Commissioner’s death not have been putting the hands of the clock backwards?
Why should it come as an afterthought to deploy MAC-P at the residences of all Heads of Diplomatic Missions where they didn’t have any?
It’s because of a sluggard Inspector General deluding himself as heading a so-called Force For Good.
There should be no sweeping under the carpet.
Those responsible for such dangerous negligence of duty should be dismissed forthwith after their investigation. They are not worthy of their hire.
Eternal vigilance is the prize we have to pay for our freedom.
Vigilance in spite of fake OSD. We are secure only in insecurity.

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