The Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has condemned hate speech, violence and intimidation against its supporters across the country. Dr. Alie Kabba, Campaign Chairman for the party, was speaking at a press conference at the party headquarters.

He informed newsmen that they, as a party, condemn these acts in the strongest possible terms and called on the government and the security sector to take all necessary steps to guarantee the protection, safety and security of their members and members of other political parties.

“In the present build up to the March 27th runoff election, we are witnessing the over securitization and militarization of the election process as evidenced by the unusual deployment of military and armed police personnel in many parts of the country as if the country is preparing for war,” Mr. Kabba said.

The Chairman cited instances across the country where their members have been attacked by the APC, using all sorts of violence.

“On 19th March, 2018, our Public Relations Officer was besieged by the APC thugs at the AYV Radio Station while he was on AYV on Sunday show. He was forced to stay at the AYV studios long after the programme had ended. Fortunately he was later rescued without any further drama,” the campaign Chairman explained.

The SLPP Campaign Chair informed the press that, in the face of these several instances of attacks and intimidations across the country, the government, according to him, has remained conspicuously silent, giving the impression that either they support the attacks against other Sierra Leoneans who are not members of their political party or they are unmindful of what happens to them.

They called on the leadership of the Police and other security forces to remain professional and not allow politicians to undermine their traditional role of providing security and protection for all Sierra Leoneans irrespective of partisan affiliation.

Mr. Kabba pointed out that the political leadership of the APC will be held individually and collectively responsible and accountable by both national and international laws for their actions or inactions during and after this elections cycle.

We call on the inter-Religious Council and Civil Society to closely follow these ugly developments, condemn them as well as name and shame those responsible.

He concluded by calling on the international Community that has invested so much in the country’s peace consolidation efforts to urge the APC to stop the spate of orchestrated violence and intimidation.

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