Substance Abuse by Minors

Substance abuse is a worldwide nauseating phenomenon to be tackled by each concerned country. It is evident that too much of even the nutritious elements necessary for over bodies can be harmful let alone injurious substances. Drugs like tramadol used by medical prescription can be curative but misused can cause incalculable harm.Home grown cannabis from the hemp plant has been defying control by the law enforcement authorities for ages past and its total elimination seems impracticable compounded by the fact that it grows or is grown in other continents.
Drug addiction is a multi-faced malaise of society that will not go away in a hurry. It starts primarily in the homes of parents and guardians who themselves are in the habit of substance abuse.It may also be connected with unemployment of those whose only solace is to feel high to escape for a while only, the monotony and boredom of life. Even those not exposed to these influences are still not free from peer pressure at school or in the streets of towns and cities.The only mechanism to curb these negative influences is an increase in sensitization in public places like ataya basses, parks and during sports and football events at which some time could be devoted to sensitization with suitable illustrations.In this regard religious leaders can be partly held culpable in view of the fact that they may be more convincing to deviants than secular authorities like the Ministry of Sports and or Youths.
It is a fact of life that one agent of intoxication leads to another which necessitates a holistic approach to the solution. It is well known that due to the laxity of past and present governments the sale of alcohol to minors is unrestricted. Spirits are packaged in such small and affordable quantities as to entice even students and youths doubtful of their ill-effects to have try. And when once they have a taste it becomes an habitual practice until they have a brush with the law or are put out of sorts with the effects of the stuff. In the United States, New York in particular, there were notices at the entrances of all pubs that children under 18 years of age were not allowed in. And these are pubs in which drinks are not sold that are affordable by children. Why is the so-called New Direction doing things the Old Direction way? It the damage caused to the future of our children not more than the revenue received from these mercenary alcohol companies?
The thrust of this commentary is the misused of diapas (Pampas) that have gained currency in this country. It is unbelievable that with all the various drugs human beings can mutate from the use of an item used for toilet purposes to its misuse for consumption. They might have been advised by a science student experiment with it and it has been achieving its negative purpose.
Those who have been advocating the banning of the importation of diapas are missing the mark. They might as well advocate banning the importation of cutlasses, knives, alcohol or tramadol that have their positive uses. If waifs eventually resort to the use of excreta as drugs it will be surprised? Like it was stated above even cannabis and tramadol have their medical uses.
This is only one reason why men become addicted to drugs. They are weak men who need counseling & sensitization.

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