The Real Meaning of Christmas

By Nightwatch Priest
It is a pity that the real meaning of Christmas is lost on many associated celebrants. The Lord will forgive them for they know not what they do. For the uninitiated it means all things to all people. Its time to turn their world into utopia. While denying that Jesus Christ is the son of God Muslims may even be enjoying Christmas than Christians. Be it so, the pervasive influence of Christianity is most desirable.
In view of the impact of Christmas on all citizens it would be expedient to abandon the transfer of holidays that fall on Saturdays and Sundays to other days to make way for a more sustained and extended Christmas celebration. In a revolutionary New Direction unnecessary holidays during the year except EidUl Fitri can be marked but not granted holidays to be subsumed in a week’s Christmas carnival. This would obviate the pretence of public and even private sector employees seemingly doing any useful work between Christmas and New Year. They are either not at their desks with excuses to their supervisors themselves not present or at ‘’work’’ doing virtually no work. But the New Direction government is so paopa that it only listens to academics who do not from the bulk of its electorates. The hoi poli should be listened to.
The deepest hope of the deepest souls who lived before Christ believed in God. Socrates and Plato did-the finest of the Greeks. The first ancient Eastern sages did: Gautama, the Buddha; Lao-tze ,the Chinese teacher; Arkhnaton, the most profoundly religious of the Pharoahs. With overpowering intensity the Hebrew prophets did: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and all the rest of them. They believed God.
Christianity is not just a religion of influences, values and principles .It is a religion of happenings and of plain historical occurrences. Indeed the faith is based on such. It belongs to the very marrow of the Gospel to assert that Jesus came at a certain hour in history and at a certain place on earth; lived and died among us and afterwards rose from the dead.
The Christian religion carries certain facts at its heart and the greatest of them is this: ’’The word became flesh and dwelt among us’’ What a word we live in!
Many conferences seeking to secure enduring peace? We seem utterly incapable of rising to the concept of a world government.We seem insanely bent on taking the path that leads to division and it would seem ultimately to war.
Listen! This is the message of Christianity. Let it stagger you if it will but do not be in any doubt as to what it is saying. It is saying this. Whatever seems to contradict it, this is the world Jesus visited to redeem his people. It is not the devil’s world ,nor yet really man’s world ; it is God’s world.
Rebellious admittedly but still his.
We have come again to Christmas-tide. Christian teachers have long insisted that if the central truth of Christians be grasped we have the answer to all our deepest dilemmas.
Keep your head when all others are losing Thiers .Still be merry within limits.

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