To solve Persistent Blackout in Bo and Kenema… President Bio Intervenes

The SLPP strongholds of Bo and Kenema have been plagued with persistent blackouts for the past months.
Citizens have blamed the Government for not responding to the needs of its strongholds especially so when issues around electricity are crucial politically.
The Minister of Energy and Power, Alhaji Kanja Sesay has come under pressure for what many had referred to as his inability to provide power to the SLPP strongholds.
Close sources from Government quarters have indicated that,the persistent black-outs in Bo and Kenema was as a result of the Ministry of Finance not been able to provide funds for the running of the generators especially so when the townships of Bo and Kenema do not have industries that pays heavy amounts for electricity.
Government was said to be spending over three billion Leones a month to power both cities.
President Bio has himself intervened to ensure that both cities have electricity for the festivities.
He has instructed the Minister of Finance to find an immediate plan to ensure that, Bo and Kenema have interrupted electricity during the festivities.
The Ministry of Finance according to our sources has almost immediately responded by making payments for some outstanding debts owed the power providers and since then the two cities are now enjoying relatively constant electricity since the 1st December,2019.
Amidst all these efforts,certain quarters from within the Electricity Generation and Transmission Company (EGTC) Power Generating Company in both cities have intimidated this medium that there are serious concerns over the availability of fuel supply and whether it will suffice for the festivities.
Kono is also hugely affected by such a shortage of electricity as it has gone without electricity for weeks if not months.The situation is also the same for Port Loko and Lunsar in the North of the country.
According to our source, this concern is also affecting Kono which sources say have been without power for months.
Members of the Parliament in the various areas and other stakeholders have expressed concerns that this is affecting small businesses and enterprises.

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