Tramadol Kills One In Kenema

By Paul Lamin IN KENEMA

A wheelbarrow pusher, Mohamed Mansaray, on the 17th July 2018 met his untimely death after taking some huge quantities of Tramadol at the How For Do Park in Kenema. The Tramadol he swallowed is believed to be above 2,500mg.

According to his colleague wheelbarrow pusher, Mohamed, Mohamed Mansaray has been a wheelbarrow pusher for the past years and has lived an independent life since he left his village of Konia in the Nongowa Chiefdom.

Mohamed also said the deceased was a habitual drinker. He said his colleague had taken some strong alcohol that night before resulting to taking Tramadol.

The wheelbarrow pusher said the deceased went into a drinking betting competition with his other colleagues. “Mohamed Mansaray had boasted of taking ten tablets of Tramadol and nothing will happen to him,” Mohamed told this medium.

Mohamed furthered that the deceased won the first round of the competition, but added that he later challenged to take another large quantity of Tramadol, which he did. Mohamed said his colleague started feeling uneasy and began vomiting on the spot.

He disclosed that Mohamed Mansaray went unconscious for the rest of the night and died the following day.

He has been buried while the police continue to investigate further.

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