Trouble Looms… Timber Tycoon Opts For SLPP Chairman

By Ragan Conteh
The National Chairman of the Sierra Leone Timber Association, Abass Janneh, has disclosed to this medium that in other to continue delivering Freetown to the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) during elections, he has thought it fit to contest for the Western Area Chairmanship of the SLPP.
According to Mr. Abass Janneh, he deemed it fit that it is high time to come onboard in the political arena because he found out that young people suffer a lot because they do not have people in responsible positions to look after their welfare.
In this regard, according to Abass Janneh, “I now vow to come to alleviate the sufferings of young folks because from the Timber Association that I covered as National Chairman, I have done tremendous job,” he asserted.
Abass Janneh further disclosed that he has so far succeeded to employ over ten thousand Sierra Leonean Youths into the timber trade where they earn their daily living and subsequently develop themselves.
Mr. Janneh said with all his successes, he thanked the Almighty God, adding that apart from the over 10 thousand youths employed, he has put systems in place for over two to three Sierra Leoneans to benefit out of the trade through self-employment.
He opined that this is the reason he decided to come into political lamplight for him to help more Sierra Leoneans, informing that thousands of youths across the country are suffering and as a result of this, he joined politics to salvage their sufferings in different capacities.
Amadu Jalloh, one of the beneficiaries of timber trade said Abass Janneh is a grassroots man who has been able to incorporate thousands of them into the business of timber trade into the country.
He described Mr. Janneh as a trailblazer for the development of youths and other Sierra Leoneans, adding that with his entering into politics they will stand by him and will support him to become successful, and appealed to the hierarchy of the SLPP to bestow the Chairmanship to him for development of the party.
Madam Aminata Kargbo also reiterated the more support women have derived from the timber trade through Abass Janneh and promised to support his political endeavor.
“I am sure Mr. Janneh will restore the lost glory of the SLPP especially in the Western Area where the SLPP have many challenges in gaining majority vote. I have no doubt in the leadership of Janneh,” she asserted.
Dozens of beneficiaries who spoke to this medium have lauded the strides being made by Mr. Janneh, adding that with Abass Janneh as Western Area Chairman, thousands will be attracted to the party and that the party will become victorious in any elections.
Mr. Abass Janneh will be challenging Manso Dumbuya who has been the Western Area Chairman for a decade now and with all the visionary and appreciable leadership characteristics of Abass Janneh the city of Freetown will become the SLPP stronghold in the next election.

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