This topic may baffle a number of people, primarily because we don’t normally hear voices when we visit the grave yard to bury the dead or to pour libations, etc. Secondly, the dead body never speaks as it is decomposed. If there are voices in the grave then such voices must come either from the spirit of the dead person or demonic spirits.

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Way back in 1963 as a young man my curiosity led to join a group of six young men led by a magician who led us to the Ascension Town, Freetown cemetery one moon-lit night at 12:00 midnight. Each of us wanted the magician to invoke the spirits of the dead to solve our individual problems.

All of us waited on the main road while he called us to meet him in the middle of the cemetery one at a time. It came to my turn and while going to meet him I was truly afraid. However he calmed me down and told me to crouch as he also did by the side of the grave.

He started by touching the grave with his rod saying, “I have brought my friend Mr X.” Then I heard a clear, smooth childlike voice asking me, “Yes Mr. X what do you want? “At that time fear had left me. I made two requests and the voice continued; “Give professor three ‘kolas” to bring to me on Friday and your problems will be solved. I later asked professor’ (the magician) what the voice meant by three kolas. He said it meant three pounds sterling.

After that I lost interest and never contacted the magician again. Later I learnt that invocation of departed spirits is an evil practice and that any voice from the grave is from familiar spirits who impersonate the dead. God hates those who contact familiar spirits. I had repented long ago so if you have been misled into this practice, I advise you to repent.

The Spirit World

It is a fact that there is more in the invisible world than in the visible world. Dr. Olukoya of M.F. Ministries has said in one of his books that if God could open our eyes to see what is going on in the invisible world, we would prefer to stay indoors.

Any dealing with evil spirits (all spirits working with and for Satan against God) will lead to hell fire. One should depend on God alone to make heaven.


Spirituals who consciously make an alliance with certain controlling spirits can have the power to invoke their invisible presence, but only through a seer, because they themselves cannot see or talk to the spirits directly. I have witnessed such sessions where some people tormented or possessed by evil spirits were to be delivered.

They would then read some prayers over water and then wash the eyes of the seer and the surface of the mirror. Then the mirror would be handed over to the seer who will sit on a chair and will be completely covered by a white sheet. The seer will then announce the arrival of the leading spirits and narrate whatever the spirit says to the spiritualist and vice versa.

In the case of a young girl or man tormented by the evil spirit, the spirits will ask what the possessed wants them to do to the tormenting spirits.

If he says kill him, the seer will actually see them take a knife and cut the throat of the evil spirits. But this is never the true picture. Actually that spirit will stop tormenting the girl because he will be given another assignment. Meanwhile the girl will believe that the spirits is dead; spirits don’t die.

This is an abomination to God and those who want to make heaven should avoid it.


Most people don’t know that there are occult practitioners in all African and other countries who use young girls to make money and the girls die in the process. Young girls should read this and be warned. How does this happen?

First, the man pretends to love the girl and the girl yields to his request. The girl follows him to his house and both enter a room in the house.

The room has a bed, a big box, a standing mirror and a large bowl.

Under a strange spell the occult man asks the girl to lie down on the bed and undress, beyond her resistance. He then tells her that she should keep everything that happens secret; otherwise she will die within seven days. But the truth is whether she keeps it secret or not, she will surely die within seven days.

Now the ritual begins in earnest: The man opens the box and a strange serpent comes out having hands and a male sex organ. This serpent climbs on the bed (the man had earlier left the room) and has sexual relations with the girl. The girl cannot resist because the girl is under a strange spell. The serpent returns to the box.

The man re-enters the room and says goodbye to the girl, repeating the warning.

The girl dies after one or two days. The man gets ready for the ritual. He goes before the mirror and places the large bowl before it.

The girl appears in the mirror (actually not the real girl) and the man shouts several times; “I don’t want you. I want money”. The girl then walks out of the mirror and steps into the large. She immediately begins to break down into millions of currency until the bowl is full.

This is how some people make money. Young girls should be warned not to follow any strange man to his house. You may be digging your own grave.


Witchcraft has been described as the enemy that hates human progress with perfect hatred. They cause personal and national problems; they destroy destinies. They eat human flesh and drink human blood; they set accident traps to destroy human lives.

I want to state here that the word ‘grave’ in the context of this article is not limited to voices in the cemetery but also refers to all Satanic operations and systems.

Let me refer to two real life stories: (1) A young man graduated from University with honours; He spent three years applying for jobs without success. In nearly all of these cases he was more qualified than the rest.

Frustrated, he went to a crusade where he was given a prayer point. That night he prayed as he had never prayed before. On going to bed, he dreamt he found himself in a cemetery by the side of an angel before a grave. The angel struck the grave with a rod and said, “you occupant come out.” An old woman came out and the angel said, “give this man what you had taken from him” the woman said, “but I am dead now”. The angel’s eyes became red and he repeated the order. The woman went into the grave and brought out a parcel which she gave to the man. He woke up from his sleep. Within a few days he was offered a senior service job with quarters, a car and a high salary.

This shows how far witches can go without our slightest knowledge. Only God can set us free when we seriously approach him.

  1. Two children were born into a wealthy family with a well-stocked shop with cars, etc. Suddenly the business started going down until the shop was closed and the cars sold. The parent became poor. They parents and the two children went to a man of God for prayers. The man of God identified the children as the sole cause of the problem.

The children confessed that that they started attending meetings after they were offered food by a neighbour and that it was in that meeting that they were ordered to make their parents poor. That is how far witchcraft can go. The children obeyed the voices of witchcraft authorities and made their parents poor. Parents should warn their children not to eat food from neighbours.

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