Where Is The APC Publicity Secretary?

Many questions have been coming from the general public, supporters and stakeholders of the APC party as to the way about of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party Publicity Secretary, Cornelius Deveaux.
Cornelius Deveaux escaped from his APC party’s headquarters on 31st May 2019 after the police invaded the premises, fired teargas and arrested dozens of supporters of the main opposition APC supporters.
According to many who spoke to this medium, Cornelius Deveaux to escaped and abandon his party at the challenging period like this is way of showing his true color.
They disclosed that dozens of APC supporters were arrested and stocked at different cells across Freetown where they were later released on bail
Many opined that the escape of the mouthpiece of the main opposition APC party is uncalled for and ways to further exhibit his betrayal tactics.
“There is no reason for the mouthpiece of the opposition to escape and flee away at a time the party needed more scarifies Publicity Secretary, this is a complete show of betrayal” one Alimamy said.
Sources from the corridors of the APC Headquarters have revealed to this medium that, Cornelius Deveaux sneaked and entered in the APC party as an ordinary reporter of the APC Newspaper ‘The We Yone Newspaper’ years ago where he was later allegedly betrayed many of his colleagues he met there.
Cornelius Deveaux according to sources was not trusted by late Pa Juana Smith, Victor Foh and many other stakeholders that time but through his persistent showed of loyalty to the party, he was recruited to the newspaper as reporter.
Sources continued that Cornelius Deveaux escaped by failing to show his loyalty to the APC party must be deeply considered because loyalist are people many considered to be people with resilient and sacrifice.
The party according to many is currently under trouble because all the selected mouthpiece of the party, Cornelius Deveaux, Deputy Publicity I, Hon. Robin Falley and Karmoh Kabba, Deputy II, have silence themselves thereby putting the APC party and its supporters into more trouble.
Sources says, Cornelius Deveaux is not a true blooded APC politician but he is one of those who went to the APC through the backdoor adding that such person to abandon the party and went away is a show of true deceiveness on the APC party.
As the needs no spy and betrayal, many have called for urgent revoke of this main position of the party and replace him with immediate effect.
More in subsequent editions.

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