Why Allow a Few to Hold Football to ransom?

The New Direction Government should not allow a few individuals to undermine the progress they have made towards resuming the game in a very short time.
The resumption of football in the country remains a very resounding success for government in terms of providing succor for small businesses, providing hundreds of employment for our men and women and also opening-up the space for private sector investment into the game for the first time in the country’s history.
Despite the current economic crunch, government has been able to provide billions of Leones towards supporting the resumption of the game and other sporting disciplines in the country.
Such supports have ensured that the green white and blue flag once again flies at the international scene.
President Bio has also shown personal love for the game by personally involving his Vice President to resolve an impasse between the country and the World Governing body, FIFA.
Even when such efforts failed and the country was eventually banned by FIFA from all international competitions, President Bio and senior officials of his government went to Zurich and encouraged FIFA to lift the ban on the basis that the new government is ready to meet the FIFA road map.
Government in the face of the FIFA suspension constituted a board and the most interesting league ever in the country’s football history was organized.
The league though not recognized by FIFA and the other sister football organizations in the region including CAF, ended up being an envy.
Football Scouts from all over the world ended up in sweeping three players to different clubs in the world while CAF had also permitted the country to take part in the regional club competitions just as it was done in the recognized leagues in Europe and Africa.
It is against such a backdrop that government having the full belief that sports is an engine for economic growth and also a hub for the creation of employment and respite for the football loving people of Sierra Leone, should not allow few individuals to retrogress the game for their selfish interests.
This medium is currently monitoring attempts by few individuals to steal the show and impose their wishes at the proposed April 2020 Port Loko conference.
We are aware that the Police played a very critical role in installing the Isha régime; they have been blamed for personally preventing many football stakeholders from taking part in the ensuing elections of Madam Isha Johansen, thereby making her the most controversial President in the country’s football history.
The signs we are seeing ahead of the Port Loko Congress are showing the paintings on the wall that it is also highly likely that the Police will again be used at Port Loko FA Congress to get the wishes of few go through, hence the reason for the selection of the venue.
It’s time that Isha Johansen shows its commitment to peacefully conduct transition elections so as to allow the game to play.
There is no reason for her administration to use the position to secure another position in CAF only to allow others to fill in the position.
Even though FIFA is of the view that government should not interfere into the game, government which is voted into power for the welfare of its electorate should do everything in its power to ensure that the things that bring glory to its people are guaranteed.
This is why the move to take the conference to Port Loko and for the FA to be eventually hijacked by few people should be monitored by government very carefully or else all the gains so far achieved by government will go down the drains.
Government should be ready and prepared to support those groups and individuals who mean well for the development of football not individuals who want the positions for their selfish interests or to catapult themselves into other international footballing positions.

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