Widespread Demo’s Await Bio at UNGA 2020

Sources in the United States have told this press that President Bio and entourage will face widespread demonstrations next month in the United States Capital, Washington DC where the President is expected to attend the third UN General Assembly (UNGA).

Protesters mainly from the main Opposition, All Peoples Congress in Europe and the United States are said to be building up to stage these wide protests by

The proposed protests have direct bearing on gross human rights abuses and killings perpetrated by government since it took over state governance.

Video recordings of state killings will be used as evidenced by the protesters to be presented to the international community while the President is in attendance of UNGA, 2020.

The organisers of the protests, sources went on, had the backing of top American senates and other politicians.

They also indicate that meetings with American politicians and civil rights activists to lay bare evidence of human rights abuses and incarceration of opposition figures to the UNGA summit are in progress.

The widespread killings by security forces in the Western-Rural town of Tombo, North-western town of Lunsar, North-eastern regional headquarters of Makeni and the Central Correctional Centre on Pa Demba Road in Freetown would be exposed.

The incarceration of top opposition figures namely: the former Minister of Internal Affairs,  Paolo Conteh, former Mayor of Freetown municipality, Herbert George Williams, Public Relations Officer for APC Western Branch, Abu Bakarr Daramy, former Minister of Social Welfare,  Dr Sylvia Blyden and many others are expected to be used to embarrass the President and his delegation.

Demonstrations in Europe and the United States against President Bio are not new since he took up power in April, 2018.

His meetings in the United Kingdom, America, Brussels and many other areas had been marred with widespread protests organised against him by supporters of the main opposition.

At the London Donor Conference in 2019, scores of Sierra Leoneans ambushed the meeting calling President Maada Bio all sorts of names to the point that some UK politicians had audience with the protesters.

The protests at the London Donor Conference, sources said, were responsible for the President’s empty-handed return to Sierra Leone.

His African counterparts in countries like Ghana, Senegal and many others came back after the conference with millions of dollars investment in Agriculture, Mining and construction among others.

Commenting on the planned protests, a top government official has said President Bio and his delegation would not be distracted.

The official told this medium that they would attend UNGA, 2020 to showcase their developments alongside the repeal of the 1965 Public Order Act, the continuous promulgation of laws to support social protection including the setting of up a Special Court for Sexual Offences, and a One-Stop Centre to deal with rape and other incidents of sexual and gender-based violence.

President Bio, another source says, is also expected to pinpoint his fight against corruption and his internationally accepted management of COVID -19.

The fight, President Bio hopes, will earn him a big boost in the eyes of the international financial institutions like World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and European Union among others.

These financial players, he went on, are quite impressed with the government’s precision and organisation in the fight against COVID-19 and has supported every bit of his economic recovery program including providing funds to hard-hit business to critical sectors of the economy.

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