Will Sam Become Biden?

As President-elect, Joe Biden prepares to form the next government in the United States; imagination is on the rise as to whether Chief Sam will become the next President of Sierra Leone.

Mr Biden served Former President Barrack Obama for two terms, and now President of the US. In the Obama campaign, Joe Biden flexed his muscles by talking to men in various American States especially Delaware where he vigorously canvassed men and women he grew up with.

The presidential success former President Obama recorded can be partly ascribed to Joe Biden. As a committed democrat, he was there to support government’s policies to enhance the greatness of the United States. Joe Biden’s two-term mandate to the Americans ended in 2016, when Former President Obama too rode in the sunset.

President Trump had it hot with his democrat contender, Hilary Clinton in the 2016 polls, but emerged victorious. As a humble man, Joe Biden went back to his democrat party, and strategise for a glorious second coming.

Without any iota of doubt, the second coming is here, and it stunned many Americans. Mr Biden strongly capitalised on the weaknesses and flaws of President Trump to clinch the most enviable seat in the US.

People of the United States were impressed with the composure in which Mr Biden conducted himself throughout the campaign. Even in the face of taunting hits and bullies he got form his rival, President Trump, Mr Biden remained unruffled because he knew what he wanted, and he went for it.

Biden also thrilled the Americans when she chose a female running mate of colour who backed him up in the campaign.

She is the first female to occupy such seat, and the black community is comfortable with her. A sense of belonging and togetherness has been generated in the black community, fear and suspicion has given way to understanding and unyielding hope.

It is also hoped that the composure Mr Biden put up in the campaign will characterise his presidency so that America takes back his rightful place in global affairs. It is generally accepted that strong and influential nations are emerging on the global landscape, but the United States still plays the lead role for international development.

America’s respect for human rights, civil liberties and freedoms of the individual is second to none all over the world. It is such respect for human dignity that shows that the dream of their forefathers is alive at all times, and also the source of their strength of power in the world.

Chief Sam is not yet flag-bearer of the main opposition, All People’s Congress, but signs are that he is the favourite.

If the prediction holds, and Chief Sam emerges APC’s flag-bearer, the hope that he would become the country’s next President is solid. The composure displayed by Mr Biden is also seen in Chief Sam Sumana.

The name, Chief Sam Sumana prominently occupies a proud place in the annals of national history as a man who displayed the greatest calm and restraint in the face of a heated discussion.

Chief Sam was made the running mate to former President Ernest Bai Koroma in the run-up to the 2007 elections.

He was called to such honour, and he readily accepted the call. He came, he saw and he conquered as President Koroma became President, by legal provisions, he was made Vice President.

His coming to the APC at that time signaled a new hope for a party that had gone out of power for 15 years. Chief Sam vigorously campaigned alongside former President Koroma, and became the country’s Vice President. He built a strong relationship with the then President to succeed on the agendas for Change and prosperity.

Chief Sam takes partial credit for successes recorded in the Free Health care policy, energy supply, Infrastructure and other critical sectors of the economy. The great contribution of Chief Sam to the APC in the first term paved the way for a smooth second-term mandate in a tightly run elections.

Chief Sam also restrained himself when he fell out with the former President owing to a strained relationship. The strained relationship led to allegations of anti-party activities against chief for whom a speedy investigation was launched. The investigation did not favour Chief Sam who was expelled, and the expulsion was a precursor to his eventual sacking in 2015.

He lost all privileges that accompany the office of Vice President including his security details who were withdrawn from him. A great many Sierra Leoneans were of the opinion that the sacking of Chief Sam would incite unrest in the country.

They prudently thought that the Sudanese situation in which a dispute between the President and the Vice President led to an all-out conflict in the country. As a peace-loving Sierra Leonean, Chief Sam did not choose the Sudanese way, but through legal means.

The most outstanding show of humility of Chief Sam was his reconciliation with the former President. The reconciliatory move was a fantastic show of peace and love for country. Today, he is within the APC to provide guidance and strategies to see APC back to power.

During his Vice Presidency, Chief Sam took critical decisions for which his name would linger in the minds for Sierra Leoneans for years to come. At a time Sierra Leone was on the brink of a conflict that would dearly cost the nation, Sam Sumana provided leadership and got back the country on its feet.

The conflict that would have devoured Sierra Leone came from bitter exchanges between the ‘We Yone’ and Unity radio stations of APC and Sierra Leone People’s Party respectively.

Chief Sam who was on the ground ordered the closure of the two radio stations for the preservation of the country’s peace.

In another difficult situation evidenced by a jail break in the country’s main correctional facility on Pa Demba Road in Freetown, Chief Sam also displayed his leadership competence by relieving the former Director of Prions of his duties.

Most, if not all, of the prisoners were later brought back unhurt, and justice continued. Since the two crucial actions were taken by the former Vice President, the likes of them have hardly reared their heads in Sierra Leone.

Chief Sam is setting the pace to emerge the party’s next flag bearer, and become the next President. The maturity, patience and diplomacy shown by Mr Biden are qualities very much conspicuous in Chief Sam who now only submit to the passage of time.

With Chief Sam, APC stands on a firm ground to jubilate in 2023 remains the most dominant argument among the public. They all say what has taken place in the US, will surely take place in Sierra Leone.

Time will tell.

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