18 Year Old Awaits Sentencing

By Janet A. Sesay

An eighteen year old man, who identified himself as John Kamara, yesterday made his first appearance before Justice Alusine Sesay during the Criminal Sessions at the High Court and is presently awaiting sentence.

The accused was arraigned on a count of larceny in a dwelling house, which is contrary to Section 13(a) of the Larceny Act of 1916.

The charge sheet states that the accused, on 6th July 2020 in Freetown, broke and entered into the dwelling house of Fanta Sillah and stole eight hundred thousand United States dollars (equivalent of eighty million, one hundred and sixty thousand Leones).

After the charge was read, the accused pleaded guilty to the offence.

State prosecutor Joseph Sesay states that the accused has pleaded guilty to the offence and should be sentenced accordingly.

He said the accused was committed to stand trial at the High Court by a committal warrant dated 2nd October 2020 and the committal warrant was signed by both the accused and the Magistrate.

Cecilia Tucker, from the Sierra Leone Legal Aid Board, pleaded with the judge not to pose a custodian sentence on the accused. She added that the accused is a first time offender and he has not wasted the time of the court.

State prosecutor Joseph Sesay states that the maximum sentence for such an offence is 14 years imprisonment.

The accused also pleaded with the judge to temper justice with mercy on him. The accused was remanded and will be sentenced today.

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