As 500 Students Benefit…M.R. Distilleries Promotes Free Education Drive

By Ragan M. Conteh

The management and staff of M.R. Distilleries, situated at Wellington Industrial Estate, Wellington, has provided furniture to cater for the accommodation of over five hundred students across Wards 405 and 406 in Constituency 115.

M.R. Distilleries says the company is notable for adhering to its corporate social responsibilities, especially honouring the project proposal through the Community Development Committee of Constituency 115.

This came after direct responses to difficulties government assisted schools are faced with despite the introduction of the Free Quality Education. Wellington Community and its environment host an exponential number of government assisted schools, which have inadequate classrooms and sitting accommodations as a result of the introduction of the Free Quality Education.

Amidst these difficult situations, the overall performance of students in public exams has been exceptionally satisfactory in Constituency 115.

“No longer is it enough for companies to just promote their services or products. Consumers increasingly want to support brands that offer not only functional benefits but which have a social purpose as well,” the Company Manger said.

The marketing of social responsibility, according to the Company’s Manger, is important for businesses that want to keep or attract consumers with mindsets toward the environment, social issues and as well as the economic growth.

The Member of Parliament, representing Constituency 115, Lawyer A. Bah, in tandem with Councillors, distributed the furniture to various schools in Wards 405 and 406 respectively.

Hon. Lawyer A. Bah, alongside Councillor Mohamed J. Tholley and Councillor Luckyn M. Mansaray, also closed ranks to support pupils of Constituency 115. He revealed the Committee is an organ charged with the responsibility of accelerating development across the length and breadth of Constituency 115.

On behalf of the immediate beneficiaries, Fatima Conteh, from the Fatibu Technical Secondary School, and Elizabeth Sesay, from the Almuhajireen Islamic Secondary School, expressed thanks and appreciation to M.R. Distilleries for providing the school furniture.

They thanked the APC politicians for going out of their way to lobby to provide support in the free education drive of the Constituency.

Schools that benefitted include, but not limited to, W.M.A., Olivet Baptist, Calvary, Evangelical, Basharia Islamic, Fatibu, Ambassador Bun Wurie, Orphanage, Al Muhaajereen, Wellington Municipal and Alhassan Islamic Schools.

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