Being safe and sound… President Bio Extends Stay in Lebanon

A source in Lebanon has told this medium that President Julius Maada Bio will stay in the Asian country of Lebanon for the coming week.

The President attended an important function yesterday in sound health.

The source continues that the exact date for his return will be communicated later.

President Julius Maada Bio left the country for Lebanon slightly above a week ago for a rest from his Presidential duties.

His departure has generated much anxiety and debates among the public.

Some groups of Sierra Leoneans say the President is in Lebanon for health checks while others say it as a break from work.

But the source in Lebanon clarifies that the President is on a visit in the country.

The latest information from the Lebanese source puts to rest widespread and growing speculations on the President’s health condition.

At a press conference held the previous Tuesday at the Ministry of Information and Communication, Mr Mohamed Rado Swarray said the President’s visit had nothing to do with his health.

“President Maada Bio is in Lebanon on a private visit,” the Minister said.

He reminded the press of the fundamental right to privacy to which the President is entitled.

“The President is entitled to his private life and must be respected,” he appealed.

The Minister’s appeal was a response to questions raised by media practitioners about the President’s trip to Lebanon.

This is not the first time questions and speculations about President Bio’s health went rife and viral among the public.

Sometime last year, similar speculations flared up with media hypes about the President’s health when he went out of the country on a private visit.

Rumour and misinformation about the President’s health was peddled portraying him as one that is in bad form.

The misinformation at that time widely gained ground, and was put to rest when the President returned home in sound health and continued his official duties.

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