Chief Fire Officer To Go

By Tony Yayo

The Chief Fire Officer at the National Fire Force, Kamanda Bongay, and two other senior officers, including Sylvester Taluva and Julius Gondor, will soon go on leave to retirement.

However, sources at the NFF told this press that they are now fighting tooth and nail to get a one year contract from the government.

Speaking to this press on anonymity, one of NFF officers said that the Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Sylvester Taluva, and Julius Gonder are expected to start their retirement this April, while the CFO will stay a little while as he is currently being investigated in connection with fuel theft at the fire institution.

Our NFF sources also told this press that, currently, the institution is also facing some issues with the salary and rice for officers, noting that NFF has already distributed three bags of rice each to fire officers in the provinces, while the salary and rice for officers in the Western area are still in limbo. He noted that, as of now, they are yet to receive their three bags of rice, adding that the fire authorities are now facing a huge shortage of rice in their stores.

This newspaper has learnt that, currently, the NFF does not have all the required three bags of rice for officers in the Western area, and the institution is now planning to ration the remaining rice for officers operating in the Western Area. The NFF officers urged the Anti Corruption Commission to intervene and institute a full investigation into the fuel and rice subvention for the National Fire Force.

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