At last the great British Broadcasting Corporation known worldwide as BBC has found itself in transmission trouble. Umpteen times during every transmission these days listeners are most displeased with their new found mantra.’’We are sorry but we are unable to bring you our usual service at this time.We are working to restore our normal service as soon as possible’’and all that jazz.

Is the BBC still qualified to tag itself as the World’s Radio Station? A big No! They no longer rule the world’s airwaves. Gone are the days of the short wave transmissions when it was unthinkable to imagine BBC to be off for one second.They have been overtaken in transmission by VOA and others.Even local stations except the SLBC are not so disappointing.Their recent operations are no different from their daughter station,the SLBC.The only difference is that the SLBC has no courtesies for listeners.They just go off like that.Like mother ,like daughter.


Too much of one thing is good for nothing. Too much water kills which is why people die from drowning.Too much food causes cholic and indigestion which is greatly uncomfortable. So it is with drugs.Tramadol is not harmful per se.It is its abuse that harms.Many callers at the local radio stations have confessed to have been using tramadol for years but on prescription doses.It’s again like the use and abuse of alcohol.But tramadol should be controlled and used on prescription.


The public has been left confused with regard to the best telephone company in the country.Orange and Africell seem to have been claiming to lead.Sometimes it is the media especially the print media that grants the best position to any of the companies according to the amounts with which they are bribed.The ACC should take note in their Pay No Bribe Campaign.The competition continues while the public suffers from unsatisfactory and exorbitant services.


Sierra Leone is the third hungriest nation in a world of 193 which is horrendous.Now there has appeared another virus like Ebola which is contracted from bats.People are advised not to eat bats but they are so hungry that they have no alternatives.The people are put between the rock and a hard place.They may only afford garri and bats for protein.They are in a quandary.

A President of Cocktails and Children’s parties?

Our new president has indeed responded to the fact that his country is the third hungriest nation in the world which is why he has gone very desperate in feeding most sections of the Sierra Leonean society.First he started with the Journalists, on to the disadvantaged kids in Freetown and in Bonthe and lastly to the security forces.We are still waiting to be told whose turn is it next to be fed by the President and the first lady.

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