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There are certain things going on in our society which are becoming the new normal but which City Peep thinks are wrong. They are not correct just because the majority follow suit. Not at all!

The rampant misuse of titles should be ended if they are not to become meaningless. It is now a fact that most of the titles conferred on some persons are flattering. What really do we gain by flattering ourselves?

The New Direction government should show genuine intention of exploding flattering titles.

There is a biblical dictum that states: “Let no one think of himself/herself more highly than he/she ought to think.” This is the odious syndrome that is affecting many vain people. Rejection of some titles makes nonsense of the whole idea of conferment of titles.

Before he was elected to the presidency the incumbent Head of State was always referred to as Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio and never as Brigadier Julius Maada Bio. The prefix retired was always stated in order to distinguish him from the incumbent Brigadiers. If Dr Ernest Bai Koroma is referred to as President Koroma as is done with other positions we shall be having two Presidents. Due to sycophancy the words EX and FORMER are no longer used by bootlickers. If former police officers are referred to by their titles while in office they can go on arresting people and doing all of sort  illegal things to the naïve populace.

It is the title of HONOURABLE that takes the cake. Most former Members of Parliament cling on to their titles like drowning sailors. They are encouraged in this self-adulation by sycophantic journalists. It is needless to say that double holders of HONOURABLE in any constituency are likely to cause confusion especially among illiterates. In fact some of them pose as the incumbent thereby impersonating. The same syndrome applies to Councillors. Titles in the Foreign Service are also benefiting from this reprehensible flattering. Even a sacked Deputy Ambassador is even referred to as Ambassador, having been promoted by the sycophants.

Developed countries would have none of this sort of laughable misrepresentation. They present people and things as they are. They call a spade a spade, and not a trowel. We are being dishonest; calling a person what that person is not is pubic deceit. It should be borne in mind that it is not the title that honours the person bit it is the person that honours the title. It should not be. Surprising that so many impostors are in the person of former office holders who take cover under their former titles.

Empty leads are fond of long titles. The New Direction should stamp out this malaise if it is not to be seen veering in the Old Direction.



In the days of old when people made use of their reasoning powers properly, constituencies were known by their locations. It is quite a different cup of tea these days because robotic thinking seems to be prevalent.

Constituencies were numbered but were published with location by the wise journalists that existed.

Now there are over one hundred constituencies which can only be known if they are published by numbers and location, and not by numbers alone. Let coconut heads stop announcing or publishing constituency numbers without their locations. Common sense is not so common.

Time was when it was a treat to listen to and read election results: Alien Sankoh, Moyamba West; Sam Johnson, Freetown East, etc.

It’s all gone as the thousands of students graduate from Mass Com with a paucity of common sense and too much book sense.



One Justice Kamara has acted in the letter and spirit of the consequences of rape. He sentenced one rapist of a minor to 45 years while other justices sentence culprits for the same offence to 15 years and so on. They that judge live a long and healthy life to continue his just sentencing.

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