COVID-19 Lab Leaks… China Faces Investigation

The United States asserts its Super World Power on China following allegations of laboratory leakages. President Joe Biden has ordered the investigation of China owing to suspicions of letting loose Corona Virus aka COVID-19. The allegation shows that Corona Virus leaked from a lab.

The united states Government holds a strong suspicion that COVID-19 is man-made for which China must be held accountable. The suspicion lends credence to the general feeling that the world is moving from atomic to biological warfare. Chinese government would likely not cooperate with the investigation.

She accuses the United States of peddling conspiracy theories. COVID-19 broke out in China in November, 2019 with a heavy scale of destruction of lives. China where the virus first broke out speedily recovered, and became a pool of doctors helping other nations struggling with the virus. Although the virus was tragic initially, its contribution to the Chinese economy helped cushion the COVID-19 effect on the country.

The red flag about the artificial nature of COVID-19 was first raised by former President Donald Trump, but apparent lack of diplomacy and tact weakened his capacity to assert America’s world power authority.

Instead of taking measures to support his suspicion, he seemingly embarked on pettiness through provocative statement of a ‘China Virus.’ In the face of utter cluelessness, COVID-19 struck the United States with a scale of destruction weightier than that of China.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans succumbed to the Virus. Former President Trump too battled with the virus in a hospital. For days, he was placed under oxygen machine to do his breathing. The Virus caught him at the height of the elections.

It was terrible and terrific for the US. The virus brought about devastating economic consequences whose effect could be likened to the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Most Americans lost their jobs and the US which Trump said he would make great again was never made great.

The virus’s strike and America’s response placed the United States under the greatest test. Questions are now being raised about America’s capacity to provide global leadership. Although the virus is slowly fading away in the US, it is still a potent threat to other countries.

India is losing thousands of its citizens  everyday. COVID-19 outbreak came in the midst of a trade war between the United States and China. Trump closed down Chinese factories in the US while China responded.

It was a battle of economic supremacy. But, the United States presumably was at a disadvantage. The country fights not only China but also other countries. Threats of terrorism hang over America making it difficult to decisively deal with China. Arguments abound as to who will emerge stronger in the COVID-19 investigations.

The rate of fatal viral attacks in nations has awakened the world to new threats of controversial biological warfare. Nations are slowly being dragged in believing the use of viruses to fight future wars. Such suspicion was also brought to the fore when Ebola struck. A great many Sierra Leoneans suspected that the virus was man-made.

Heavy military presence in Ebola zones added weight to the suspicion. Like China, government dismissed the suspicions as mere conspiracy theories. The suspicions, they said, had no base.

But, the suspicions are now getting a base after the most powerful nation has made its voice heard. The world waits and watches to see the outcome of the investigation.

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