Hunger Cases Soar In The Provinces

By Ayodele Deen Cole
The number of hunger cases among ordinary people in the rural areas is reported to be on the rise due to some of the harsh containment measures government is implementing to fight the COVID 19 pandemic outbreak in Sierra Leone.
According to the Chairman of the Child Welfare Organization in Moyamba District, Abdul Joe Kamanda, the increase in the number of hunger cases is due to the current economic hardship worsened by the outbreak and the restrictive measures put in place by government to fight the virus, adding that the outbreak has left many breadwinners jobless, let alone provide three square meals for their families.
Chairman Kamanda furthered that the inter-district lockdown has also worsened hunger among the people and seriously hindered local businesses in the district, adding that the hardship has led to increase in crime rates.
“Many of our youths are now in the habit of stealing agricultural products from farms or gardens mostly at night,” he said.
Chairman Kamanda therefore urged the Ministries of Agriculture and Forestry and Social Welfare to come to their rescue in order to help reduce the pang of hunger among the people of Moyamba District.

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