Makeni Riot… 13th Accused Referred For Age Assessment

By Janet A. Sesay

Warrah Serry Kamal yesterday made an application for Mohamed Kargbo, 13th accused, to be discharged from the proceeding.

She made this application pursuant to section 17 of the Child Rights Act, and states that the thirteen accused is a child and he is below the age of 14 years before being charged to court.

Yusuf Isaac Sesay, representing the State, opposed the application made by the defense counsel, Warrah Serry Kamal. According to him, Section 2 (10) of CPA 1965 states that children and young persons shall be tried in accordance with the Child Rights Act.

He said Section 7 of the Children’s Act says children should be tried and furthered that the matter before the court is not a trial but a preliminary investigation

He said a statement was obtained from him voluntarily and he signed it and told the police that he was twenty years old

“The accused is a perfect candidate to stand trial brought against him,” the State prosecutor told the court.

Magistrate Mark Ngegba, in his reply, said that, according to the statement from the Police, the age is twenty and not fourteen years. Birth certificate of the 13th accused was presented in court to prove that he is 14 years.

Magistrate Mark Ngegba then ordered that the 13th accused should be taken to the Connaught Hospital to see a police doctor for age assessment.

The matter will come up again on the 10th September 2020. All accused were remanded in custody.

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