Orange Sierra Leone Shorki Love Promotion Ends

The SHORKI LOVE Promotion which started in October last year, has ended the previous Saturday with Augustine Tucker of 20 Berwick Street in Freetown emerging as the luckiest winner of the final car.

Tucker, an employee of the housing and mortgaging company was thrilled for words.

He sounded the happiest for a wonderful gift he did not expect as he expressed thanks and appreciation to Orange Sierra Leone.

With the brand new car, Tucker’s travel cost within and outside Freetown has been cushioned tremendously.

He will now use the new car to come to work, and run other errands.

Apart from the car, other prizes with a combined total of Le 135, 000, 000 (One Hundred and Eighteen Million Leones) went to various Orange Sierra Leone lucky winners.

Among the Lucky winners in the Orange SHORKI LOVE Promotion were traders, businessmen and students and many others.

The first lucky winner on that the previous Saturday was a resident of Murray Town in Freetown who bagged home Le6, 000, 000 (Six Million Leones), closely followed by James Jusu Vandy who won Le4, 000, 000 (Four Million Leones), Istau Bangura won Le5, 000, 000 (Five Million Leones), Mariam, a resident of Wilkinson Road got Le9, 000, 000 (Nine Million Leones).

Other sums of money were also won by lucky winners across the country.

The lucky and excited winners registered their appreciation with the company for such wonderful prizes.

“We have made winners excited, and we have changed lives,” an Orange Staff said.

 The SHORKI LOVE Promotion has gone a long way to improve the lives of Oange Sierra Leone Customers and more have been promised to come.

The programme broadcast live on the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) and Star TV’s.

At one of the SLBC facilities, the programme was moderated by staff of Orange Sierra Leone including the Chief Executive Officer for Orange Money, David Mansaray.

Mr Mansaray told journalist that the essence of SHORKI LOVE promotion is to create excitement among Orange Sierra Leone customers.

He expressed great excitement and called on customers to continue to use Orange Sierra Leone   so that they can win prizes of various kinds.

During the Shorki Love Promotion of the previous week, another car went to a student of Njala University, President of Njala Student Union. 

Saio the Comedian, one of the most popular comedians in the country entertained the audience alongside a local artist who hit the hall with tuneful lyrics.

The SHORKI LOVE Promotion is meant for customers of Orange Sierra Leone especially those who regularly use Orange services such as Orange Money, top-up vouchers, purchase data, send in and cash out money through Orange Money.

They stand the greatest chance to win huge sums of money and cars.

With Orange SL, one stands a chance to win money ranging from Le1, 000, 000 (One Million Leones) to Le20, 000, 000 (Twenty Million Leones).

The SHORKI LOVE Promotion started in October last year   with five cars and the sum of Le3Bn up for grabs.

The programme is conducted on free and fair basis devoid of discrimination.

From the start of the Programme, Orange Sierra Leone customers have always been shocked with beautiful prizes.

The programme runs from Monday to Friday as well as Saturday between 7: 30pm-9: 30 pm.

Although the SHORKI LOVE Promotion has ended today, the company may come up with different programmes in the future.

Customers who continue Orange to use services offered by orange Sierra Leone would also win prices in the future.

Orange Sierra Leone known for its corporate philanthropy sees the SHORKI LOVE Promo as a give back to society.

The programme helps to expand the customer base and create brand loyalty.

The staff assures customers of Orange Sierra Leone a bright and happy future especially those who continue to use Orange Money Services.

Orange Sierra Leone says the SHORKI LOVE Draw is over but it does not mean customers should stop using Orange services.

“You can win many more prizes in the future as long as long as you continue to buy Orange top-ups, send and receive money through Orange Money, lend money, and other many more services,” an Orange Staff assured.

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