Over 50 Accused Appear Before Judge Taylor

The holden of the Special Criminal Session of the High Court in Port Loko has made tremendous progress, as over fifty (50) accused, out of seventy-two, have appeared before Justice Samuel O. Taylor in four (4) days, out of the two weeks slated for the said session.

The Special Criminal Session, according to the Public Relations Officer of the Judiciary of Sierra Leone, Moses Lamin Kamara, is a creature of the Statutory Instrument No. 21 of 2019 that created the expansion of the same to be held in places like Kabala, Kailahun, Pujehun, Matrru Jong and Tonkolili, with Port Loko, in the north, and Moyamba, in the south, added.

Mr. Mohamed Bangura, Court Registrar at the High of Sierra Leone, said the Special Session of the High Court in Port Loko is at its fever pitch, as over fifty (50) accused, who were allegedly charged for offences such as murder, aggravated robbery with intent, wounding with intent, sexual penetration, human trafficking and more, have appeared before Justice Samuel O. Taylor.

He further revealed that most of these cases are now being tried expeditiously, and have now been set aside for record and sentence come Monday 7th September, 2020.

Responding to the question, as to why expeditious trial is achievable in the Special Session than the Criminal Session of the High Court, Mr. Moses Lamin Kamara said the Special Session should be so because the prosecution and defense lawyers, witnesses, jurors and litigants are all catered for by the Judiciary.  Hence, cases of similar nature are 80% expeditiously tried in the Criminal Session than in the General Session.

“This and the previous Special Criminal Session, which was held in February, were fully funded by the Judiciary. My Leadership ensured that the previous session was extremely successful, as we achieved 95% completion of cases. In fact, the delivery of justice was dispensed without fear or favour. I beseech you all to ensure to come out with a result that will be better and more productive than the previous session,” Hon. Chief Justice Edwards beseeched stakeholders.

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