Political Intrigues

Politics is becoming the order of the day.  Politics is difficult to be divorced from our daily activities. The born politicians, the incorporated and sympathizers are everywhere dispatching political vibes. But who to believe is the problem to our inquisitive society.

Politicians have come and gone. Others are in the system, while others are out there waiting for an opportunity to grab.  All cannot be politicians, but indebted to provide the gauge to measure the worth of those politicians.  We voted them to provide Unity, Freedom and Justice, in the attempt to look into our development aspirations.

It is the desire that the elected will further provide us with the right people to run our state machinery.  We have waited and we are still waiting.  Partisan politics has eclipsed the political landscape. Today, the good we have been waiting is yet to come.  The party supporters are out there waiting for job replacement as the government cannot provide them with new jobs.  The situation is pathetic as the government is continually killing the goose that lays the golden egg to satisfy their supporters.

Can the government continue to pull and replace those workers with those lacking the experiences to manage and to deliver the goods?  Emphatically it is nonsensical for the government to engage in such unwarranted behaviour!

The First Lady, Fatima Bio, we all know, shares no political or constitutional mandate with His Excellency, President Julius Maada Bio.  She has never been co-elected with the president.  Today she is seen sharing political responsibility with that of His Excellency.  She is donating moneys to organizations, but whether she is receiving an emolument from the consolidated fund or from somewhere else to undertake such ventures remain the guess of the nation.

The government of Sierra Leone is headed by the SLPP, and not owned by the SLPP.  It is the government of Sierra Leone and is answerable to all Sierra Leoneans irrespective of political affiliation.  This means there should be no nepotism, tribalism or regionalism in the execution of their responsibility. The government should create equal opportunity for Sierra Leoneans to work and make their meaningful contributions towards national development.

The peace of this nation is guaranteed by the level of interaction between the political parties.  Politics is not a breeding ground for enmity but an agent to enhance socialization.  You can curse; abuse in politics in time of politicking, but that does not mean the mark of enmity.  Politics is ideological.  It is the marketing of your political ideology that counts your essence.  It is not the fighting and destruction that determine your political prowess.

We must learn to deviate from the intrigues of political bulldozing and inculcate the spirit of constructive criticism.   There is a lot of provocation in politics; politicians must endure these provocations for the peace and tranquility of our beloved nation. The power to rule is not the time to express violence, intimidation and political witch hunt. The power is to unify the State, making it great in terms of productivity and development.

From the days of the struggle for independence, this nation has been subjected to political intrigues.  We saw the fight between the APC and the SLPP in the battle for supremacy.  Since then the enmity is enlarging up to this day.

The Republicans and Democrats have long been in the political battle to rule the great America; on the war of words based on ideologies, which become prominent in their presidential elections.  The presidency of the USA is for all Americans regardless of political beliefs.  The Americans have been enjoying this type of politics that is violent free with no regional political intimidation.

Likewise the British system of government is very unique with no kind of intimidation and violence.  The Labour and the Conservatives make their cases on ideology to cajole their support from the British people.  At the end of the elections they are together again to make their nation great.

Sierra Leone will be 60 soon.  It is the expectation that the kind of political intrigues will stop now to concentrate on her development.  Eleven years, Sierra Leone was at war.  We saw the colossal destruction to lives and property, eleven years of setback and many years to rebuild our beloved country.  Politics should not provoke another war!  It is when man deviates to conceal failed agenda he becomes aggressive with his opposition.  A focused politician is never distracted by any kind of political taunting.  His concentration is to deliver what he promised the people.

Politics is not to make money or to show political bullying.  It is the responsibility to govern the society, facilitate its growth and development.  It is not meant to express political vendetta or to extinct opposition.  Resisting the opposition makes you a good leader.  You cannot ask for supremacy where you don’t have the support, and you cannot change it to express your will.  The respect for every institution is important, and your political machination to get them into submission destroys them.

We cannot continue to see political revenge but development.  If you have the answer to our development, you are encouraged to join the train. Development is all we are longing for.  We have listened to all the debates, the manifestoes.  We have patiently waited to see development.  Our attention should not be diverted to things that are trivial or less important.

The issues are there in every facet of our society crying for intervention from the government.  The markets, transportation, the schools and the roads, etc., are all waiting for government intercession.  When some of these amenities are amended, then we can rightfully say the government of Sierra Leone cares for its people.

The drivers, the traders and the schools are all demanding more money from the people for their services. There is a government that should regulate these institutions for the benefit of the nation.  These issues should not be left in the hands of the ordinary citizens; the government needs to address them in order to maintain the peace and tranquility of our great nation.

We cannot bank on unforeseen promises.  The government needs to push hard to attract investors, avoid the fight to punish or to send the main opposition into political oblivion.  Government should pronounce what is available for development than to make unfulfilled promises.

Gone are the days when people were easily deceived by political utterances.   Politicians are judged by their actions and not by their promises.  Development is continuous.  A single action that does not change the lives of all the citizens is not development.  We must learn to distinguish between help and development and not to confuse the two.

It is good to stop the political intrigues, deliver what you promised to the people and stop the political intimidation against the opposition.

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