Rapid Intervention Force of French Cameroon Sets St Benedicts College ablaze

Sources close to the St. Benedicts Comprehensive College, in the territory of Ambazoania, in Southern Cameroun, have reported the burning down of the College, on Monday, 26th March 2018, by soldiers from La Republique du Cameroun.

The soldiers, according to the College authorities, belong to the elite Rapid Intervention Battalion (Battalion Intervention Rapide, BIR).

According to the proprietor of the College, his grace, Mgr. Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esau, BIR soldiers were using his campus and classrooms as their military base from where, according to him, they plan attacks and kidnap unarmed civilians, amongst other atrocities.

The Archbishop furthered that, in the early hours of Tuesday, Ambazonia self defence forces in Widikum, carried out operation ‘flush out‘ of the campus that resulted on the deaths of fifteen (15) BIR soldiers.

“During the exchange of fire power, unfortunately, we lost one student who was in the custody of the BIR soldiers.”

The surviving few BIR soldiers burned the campus and their whereabouts is still unknown.

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