Sack North-East Resident Minister -SLPP Supporters Demand

Many supporters, of the ruling SLPP, want the Resident Minister, North, Abu Abu Koroma, sacked from government.
Abu Abu Koroma got into trouble over the weekend after a video went viral, in which he was seen inciting violence and threatening to kill people who perpetrate violence against the state.
The Resident Minister, who is very unpopular in the opposition stronghold of the North, was less than the twenty four (24) suspended from office by a State House press release.
The release from State House had noted that the minister’s vulgar comments on social media have misrepresented the Government’s stance on curbing lawlessness across the country.
The decision to suspend a sitting government minister, who displays such lawlessness and indiscipline, has been welcomed within the party circles. The SLPP supporters have hinted that the President should start from within (charity begins at home) before going outside.
Many SLPP supporters, who spoke to this medium, want Minister Abu Abu sacked to show the opposition that the President would stop at nothing to fight lawlessness and indiscipline in the country.
The opposition All People’s Congress, while responding to the State House press release on the suspension of the Resident Minister, North, have noted that the behavior of the minister was a classic example of the lawlessness being perpetrated by the ruling operatives of the SLPP, and the President is blaming the APC.
Many, both within the ruling party and opposition circles, are monitoring what next for the suspended minister, whose comments were very catastrophic and almost derailed the President’s speech, which squarely pointed at the opposition for violence and lawlessness.

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