Sierra Leoneans Assured… Kingho Company Takes Positive Steps

Iron Ore miner Kingho Mining Company has taken positive steps after a scuffle between two of its employees. The objective is to prevent a recurrence of the unfortunate situation.

The incident which took place at the company’s mining site in Tonkolili district in northern Sierra Leone has attracted huge public attention. It involved a fight between two employees, a Chinese and a Sierra Leonean personnel.

One of the employees has been withdrawn from the site while another is currently hospitalised. The company will foot the bill to ensure that the other employee gets the required medical service.

Quietness and calm has returned to the camp after such positive actions by Kingho. As a business-oriented entity, the company does not condone violence in its areas of operations. Suffice to say that the two employees offer valuable services to the company. It was a sad day for the iron ore mining company to see its employees resort to such actions it discourages. Violence is never a solution to any problem; the company instead believes in dialogue to solve any impasse.

A press release seen by this press dated 9th June 2021, Kingho Mining Company condemned all forms of violence on any personnel within its site. Management made it clear that the incident at the mine site contravened the company’s policy as well as the relevant laws of Sierra Leone especially the Mines and Minerals Act, 2009.

The release went on to state that investigation into the alleged violence is on-going.

With assault causing grievous bodily harm the most commonly reported crime in Sierra Leone, Kingho has made a laudable step to distance itself from such behaviour by members of its staff. Here to do business and help the country realise its ambition of providing jobs for its citizens, the last thing Kingho as a company wanted was for its staff to get involved in any form of violence.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources, National Minerals Agency and other relevant stakeholders are carrying out an investigation to bring out the truth without taking sides. It is hoped that further steps would be taken after the outcome of the investigations.

The company’s management has also assured Sierra Leoneans of its strong commitment to continue operating in Sierra Leone in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. The company has no plans of leaving Sierra Leone, which has now become a second home for its Chinese and other foreign staff. The company believes that business cannot succeed in an environment of violence, and is always ready to comply with the laws of Sierra Leone as part of its social responsibility.

Since its operations in Sierra Leone, Kingho Mining Company has contributed to the country’s economic development. It has also improved the livelihoods of the local communities through job opportunities. The company also prides itself with a sound corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.

The Kingho Mining Company is here to stay in Sierra Leone and build healthy relationships. It is the company’s hope that such violence would never be repeated at any of its sites in the country.

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