SLCA Reaching Out To All

A new cricket project has reached the heart of Kroo Bay slum community, one of the poorest and most disadvantaged communities in Freetown.

The project, which aims to make a positive impact in the community, was launched on Monday 7th June 2021 by the Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA) Development Officer, Edward Marrah.

Pa Alimamy Kamara, Chief of Kroo Bay, and other stakeholders of the community welcomed the SLCA with excitement, stating that they have given their blessings to the project as they believe it would help their community significantly.

Francis Trevor Samura, SLCA Chief Executive Officer, said: “Our goal is to ensure that we have inclusive participation, promote cricket amongst the young population in Sierra Leone, while using the game as a tool for social inclusion to break down barriers.”

Kroo Bay has three primary schools in the community, and all of these schools have received beginners’ cricket equipment. The schools are: Orthodox Christian Primary School, FAWE Primary School and We Yone Primary School.

The SLCA team headed by Edward Marrah, with the help of some senior national female cricketers, started a coaching session with the Orthodox Christian Primary School, and they had a great session with them. It was an introductory session during which they were not only taught the basics of the game orally, but also had a practical session.

They started off with showing them the types of equipment and what they are used for. They were shown the bat, the stumps and the ball. In the practical session they were taught how to hold a bat and how to do a proper stance.

After the coaching session, Edward Marrah, SLCA Development Officer, said: “The kids were excited to be part of the session as they were enthusiastic to know more about the sport and are hoping for more sessions.”

The project will target all categories, from underage to the elderly people, as they will be trained to become Cricket Coaches and Facilitators for the ICC Criiio Cricket programme in the Kroo Bay community, which is densely populated with an estimated 16,000 inhabitants.

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