Thank You Mr President

Government of President Julius Maada Bio deserves a blanket nod of thanks and appreciation for appointing eight veteran media practitioners as press attachés to different countries in the world.
The eight media practitioners: Elizabeth Blango, Michaela Brewah, Hawa Georgette Tucker, Faith Mamawa Kanneh Richards, Princetta Christian Williams, Rachel Horner, Betty Jessica Melton and Mahawa Allieu will be proudly flying the flag of Sierra Leone in those countries where they would be posted immediately COVID-19 subsides.
This is the right time for them to come upon the stage of action and show patriotism to their motherland.
It is an aspiration of the Bio government towards gender parity, an evolving phenomenon in Africa and the world at large.
It is a demonstration of a firm belief on the part of government that women are equally capable of contributing to society as their male counterparts.
The appointed attaches hail from highly respected print and broadcast media institutions in Sierra Leone making no one to doubt capacity to perform.
They stand tall among other respected journalists in Sierra Leone. They have practised their profession with due care in terms of professionalism and adherence to ethics so that no one could be hurt by their pens and microphones.
The eight journalists thus deserve the highest commendation for coming out clean after practising journalism for lengthy years in a country with strong media laws and ethical codes.
The eight female journalists could be compared to barefoot infantry soldiers who risk their lives in defence of their motherland.
The analogy befits the situation especially when one ponders the struggles journalists in Sierra Leone go through as the media institution in Sierra Leone is abjectly poor.
In the face of abject media poverty, the gallant, brave and moral women have demonstrated their uprightness and passion for journalism.
While in their profession, the eight journalists did not bear a hand in the loot and they ploughed, but they did not plunder.
They have put away their personal feelings for the common good as they remain loyal to their profession and the state.
It is worthwhile to commend the eight female media gurus than those who conquer their enemies in war zones for they have forgone their personal feelings for the common good of Sierra Leone.
They cut across tribes and regions as they interact with almost everybody in the profession and society.
No wonder, today they reap and they will continue reap the fruits of the good seeds of humility which they sowed yesterday.
They worked hard throughout their days in the profession, and today they demonstrate greatness by representing their country in revered missions.
The eight female journalists are demonstrating their greatness today because they did not sleep yesterday as those who sleep yesterday cannot demonstrate their greatness today.
The statement contained in the preceding paragraph lends to credence to the time-honoured notion that:
“The height great men reached and kept were not attained by a sudden flight; for they while their colleagues slept were toiling upward in the night.”
The appointed press attaches have toiled and they have toiled successfully and today they are great women who have won the respect, love and admiration of the people of Sierra Leone.
Their splendid statures and beautiful faces are enough to lure tourists and other investors to see Sierra Leone as an investment destination.
Key among their roles in embassies and high commissions are to support information and communication activities there.
By displaying competence towards that direction, it is hoped that Sierra Leone embassies abroad would be portrayed positively and relations of Sierra Leone with those countries strengthened.
Sierra Leone, for now, needs positive rebranding so that investor confidence would be restored, and see the need to come to Sierra Leone and do business.
The people of Sierra Leone salute you, the eight journalists and remain in prayers for you as you fly high to your destinations.
The people of Sierra Leone say to the eight female press attaches:
“Go in peace, come back in peace to share the rich experience you will have acquired outside there with your colleague journalists after years of sojourn in the diaspora. The country needs you and Sierra Leone Association of Journalists needs you.”

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