Turkish Airlines In Fraud Syndicate

Accusing fingers are pointing at Turkish Airlines for frauding hundreds of Sierra Leoneans residing in Turkey.

The airlines which routinely conduct flight operations from Sierra Leone to other parts of the world including Turkey was entrusted with a certain quantity of goods running into millions of dollars. The airlines was supposed to have delivered the goods since 14th April, this year to residents in Sierra Leone.

The goods were meant for sale in Sierra Leone on the eve of the Independence, and proceeds of sale sent back to the owners of the goods.

Feedback got From Sierra Leoneans indicates that they are yet to receive the items.

The pronouncement of a lockdown in Turkey owing to the raging Corona Virus Disease aka COVID-19 worsened the situation. Investigation conducted by this press has shown that Sierra Leoneans in Turkey are deeply frustrated with the actions of the Turkish airlines.

One of the affected Sierra Leoneans, in a social media communication, tracked down by this press has shown that he had appealed to the Turkish authorities for immediate help.

“Since the 14th, last month, items bought for the Independence Day are not yet delivered. We are frustrated right now; we have lost thousands of dollars,” he cried for help.

In response, Turkish Management entreated the affected Sierra Leoneans to show patience and restraint adding that they would deliver the luggages as soon as possible.

As the goods are yet to reach Sierra Leoneans, Turkish Management reinforced their calls for the affected Sierra Leoneans to show courage for the long delay.

The investigation also indicated that the affected Sierra Leoneans are planning to take legal action against Turkish Airlines for failing to comply with passengers’ demands.

The most embarrassing factor in the fraud syndicate is that Turkish Airlines continue their flight operations to Sierra Leone, but luggages are still stuck in Turkey.


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