Turkish Company Duped Over Le4Bn

By Janet A. Sesay

Justice Monfred Sesay of the Freetown High Court yesterday remanded Amadu Makah Bah at the Male Correctional Center, again, as he was alleged to have obtained over four billion Leones from Konkalist Company, which is a Turkish Company based in Turkey. Amadu Makah Bah had falsely pretended to own twelve kilograms of gold for sale.

When the matter was mentioned, the state prosecutor, Joseph Sesay, was present and the accused was also present, but defense counsel for the accused, J.M. Jengo, was absent. Justice Monfred said he was adjourning the matter so that the accused could find another lawyer.

According to him, the defence counsel for the accused walked out of court on the last adjourned date, which is contemptuous.

Justice Sesay said it is not the fault of the accused and, in the interest of justice, he adjourned the matter for the accused to find another lawyer to help him in his defense.

The accused was arraigned before the court on twenty two counts, ranging from conspiracy and obtaining money by false pretences, which are all contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

The indictment states that the accused, on a date unknown between 1st December 2019 and 29th January 2020 in Freetown, with intent to defraud, conspired together with other persons unknown to defraud Konkalsit Limited Company’s agent, Asomay Modeste Omar, four hundred and twenty- seven United States Dollars ($427), which is equivalent to four billion, two hundred and seventy-two million Leones (Le4,272,000,000).

The accused had used a Diamond Sierra Leone Bank account held at the Zenith Bank, Sierra Leone Limited. He also falsely pretended that he had twelve kilograms of gold for sale, knowing same to be false.

The accused was refused bail by the Judge and the matter comes up again on the 3rd December, 2020.

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